This kind of cold autumn weather is precisely the reason why the CIAC has not hurried to accept the idea of moving boys high school golf from the spring to the fall.

When the weather is great in late August and through September, there are always numerous cries for a move to the fall months, so the kids can start their season in warmth, rather than the freezing temps of late March and April.

But there is a problem with that idea. The most important matches and tournaments come at the conclusion of a high school golf season. Late May is when the state tournament is played, and except for a few days when it rains, the weather is terrific.

If the CIAC had gone along with the idea of switching to the fall, the state tournaments would be finishing up right about now. So the most important shots would be struck in far less than perfect conditions.

Anyone in this area who really wants to make a helpful move in planning for high school golf, should get the area schools,like Pomperaug and Nonnewaug for example, to add a girls golf team to their list of sports.

I watched girls this past year play against the boys, and many did very well, but it would be much more fair for girls teams to play other girls teams. The distance factor gives the boys a big advantage.

Some girls have told me that they would absolutely try out for their school’s golf team if it was not co-ed. They ask why many school have a girls team, but their school does not. It’s an excellent question.

The answer my friend, much like an errant tee shot, is blowin’ in the wind.

*  *  *

And speaking of errant tee shots, Phil Mickelson pulled off another one of a kind show this past weekend at the PGA Tour stop.

Mickelson hit his tee shot far to the left of the fairway on a par 5 hole. It came to rest at the back of some long, wild grasses, that appeared to be more than a foot high. 

Being left-handed, he was fortunate to have a stance to the right of the grasses.

Any other golfer would have probably taken an iron and tried to punch the ball back into the fairway, but Mickelson is the swashbuckling Errol Flynn of the fairways.

He chose to use his driver. Opening the face, and tilting it to create more degrees of loft, Phabulous Phil launched the ball out of the grass, up over some trees, and it landed 203 yards away, quite near the green. He scored a 5 on the hole.

If nothing else, you have to admit that Mickelson is extremely creative.

*  *  *

New York fans can concentrate on baseball for the next few weeks. The Twins proved to be no match for the Yankees in the Divisional series, and it looks like New York and Houston are headed for what should be an interesting showdown.

And isn’t that a good thing, coming at a time when the Jets (losers to Philadelphia) and the Giants (losers to Minnesota), don’t seem to have any answers for the good teams in the NFL.

Meanwhile, up in Foxboro, the Patriots just keep on winning, no matter how many of their key players get hurt or retire.

If the Yankees can dominate the baseball playoffs, and the Patriots can continue to dominate the NFL, then everyone in the area can be pleased about one of their teams.

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