Some people suggested that the Masters golf tournament should be moved out of Augusta to another venue. That is not going to happen.

But what’s next? The Kentucky Derby should be moved to Detroit? The Boston Marathon will be run in Wyoming or perhaps the Rose Bowl will move to New Jersey?

Politics has always been involved in some way in sports, but never like it is today. Of course the latest brouhaha is the decision by Major League Baseball to take the All-Star Game away from Atlanta this summer. No decision has yet been made as to the new venue.

Commissioner Rob Manfred met with the Players Association, the owners and many civic groups before he announced that due to the new voting laws in Georgia, moving the game from Atlanta is baseball’s best way to demonstrate its value system, and support for the “voting rights of all Americans.”

He goes on to say that baseball opposes restrictions on access to the ballot box and feels that Georgia’s new voting laws will be unfair to minority voters.

Georgia elected two new senators recently, and they were from the Democratic party. 

That made the Senate a 50-50 split between the two parties and swung the balance of power a good deal.

This entire decision has divided the country even more, if possible, than before. Democrats hate the new law and Republicans love it.

Baseball detests the new law, so they have decided to move the All-Star game. The governor of Georgia detests baseball for its decision and the city of Atlanta is outraged.

Without getting into the intricacies of the new law, it does seem rather silly that one section of it states that volunteers cannot hand out water to people who are waiting in long lines to vote. It also restricts voting by mail.

Just about everyone who is at all connected to sports has checked in with their opinion of baseball’s decision.

LeBron James, Bob Costas, MLB President Tony Clark and Magic Johnson all favor the move.

Bob Knight, Tucker Carlson (I think he played in Little League),and of course Donald Trump have all opposed the move.

These folks probably never even watch the All-Star game, but suddenly they are extremely interested in where it will be played.

The world of sports has become just a microcosm of the political unrest in the country and that is very unfortunate.

*  *  *

Some of the luster is starting to fall from the pedestal of the UConn women’s basketball program.

After getting their heads handed to them in Friday’s loss, 69-59, to Arizona, the Huskies looked rather mundane.

They were out-played from opening tip to final buzzer by a team that was completely overlooked by almost everyone. 

Arizona played hard, and with confidence, even though they did not have a history of Final Four appearances like UConn’s.

The always-confident Geno Auriemma looked confused throughout the contest. Even his able assistant, Chris Dailey, could not help him turn the tide against an Arizona defense that was exceptional.

We have to wonder how much longer Auriemma is going to continue as the leader in Storrs. Like so many of us, he is getting pudgy, losing his hair and doesn’t seem to come up with the flippant quips quite as regularly as he once did.

How many more years before Auriemma will take the small fortune that the state of Connecticut has paid him and hang up his whistle and clipboard?

If you have ever attended any of his clinics, you will know that he is a man who is driven by a huge ego. 

He cannot be happy that he hasn’t won the National Championship for a few years now.

Will he stick around until he manages to win one more or will he retire and give some younger person a chance at the job?

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