Brodie Van Wagenen, general manager of the New York Mets, reportedly threw a chair at the conclusion of a meeting he had with Mickey Calloway and the rest of the team’s coaching staff.

There is a good chance that Van Wagenen was more accurate with his toss than most of the team’s pitchers would have been, since the majority of them don’t seem able to hit the strike zone with much regularity at all.

Ah, but the Metropolitans are still fun to watch. They can mess up in oh so many ways. Last week, when they posted the names of deceased former players, they named two men who are still alive.

Earlier in the season, Calloway went to the mound to make a pitching change and the wrong relief pitcher came in from the bullpen.

They recently honored former pitching great Tom Seaver by naming a road by the ballpark for him. Seaver wasn’t able to show up for the ceremony because he has begun to have symptoms of dementia.

Some New York fans wondered why Jerry Koosman, who had as much to do with the Mets winning the 1969 World Series as anyone, didn’t at least get a parking spot named for him.

After all, despite a huge belly, a chain smoking habit and a penchant for riling his ex-teammates by being a huge Trump fan, Koosman made the trip to New York all the way from Minnesota, and should have received something.

Those Mets teams of the late ‘60s made many mistakes, but they somehow won. The Mets of 2019 are far more talented, but they are 10 games under .500 in the standings.

Jeff McNeil, a second baseman who they play in right field, is leading the National League in hitting. Pete Alonso, a rookie first baseman, has already hit 29 home runs.

Mike Conforto is a corner outfielder who gets stuck playing center field and Dominic Smith, a good-hitting lefty first baseman, gets stuck playing left field.

They picked up two veteran hitters, Robinson Cano and Wilson Ramos, in the off-season, and neither has produced at anywhere near the rate that was hoped for.

Cy Young winner Jacob DeGrom is still a terrific starting pitcher, but the rest of the starters are far less than average.

The bullpen has blown 21 saves, which is the most by any team in either league.

Many Mets games begin with McNeil, Alfonso, Smith and third baseman Todd Frazier putting some runs up on the scoreboard,and the team building two, three and four run leads.

And then the bullpen comes in and slowly gives it all away. Game after game after game.

Announcers Gary Thorne and Keith Hernandez have seem it happen so frequently, that they simply expect it.

They play on and on, much like the Dance Band on the Titanic, knowing the fate, but wanting to be part of it right until the ship goes under.

Van Wegenen is going to have to do a lot more than throw a few chairs if he intends to turn the fortunes of this team around, but at least, despite their dismal showing, they remain a lot of fun to watch, as long as you don’t take them too seriously.

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