The combination of crazy weather and the refusal of Covid-19 to go away has made this a difficult summer for sports.

It seems to rain here every other day and if you think it is tough keeping your lawn mowed, just imagine the impossible task that faces the maintenance staff at your local golf courses.

I went to a nearby course this past week and the course was barely being used. Carts could only be driven on cart paths because they would sink into the soft, muddy ground if driven onto fairways.

There was standing water in many of the sand traps and the greens were spongy and really, really slow.

Even at the British Open in England, the greens were much slower than you might see in any other major tournament. The players had to adapt or they would come up short on many of their makeable putts.

If you have any heart, you must feel sorry for little Louis Oosthuizen, who seems to have become this generation’s Greg Norman.

Oosthuizen doesn’t have the power of some of the big guys, but he has a beautiful swing that looks like he should almost never hit a bad shot.

Over the past four years, he has taken the lead or been tied for the lead in five different major championships, but a combination of bad luck and a few errant shots, always seems to keep him from winning.

Norman was like that, but he was considered a choker by most experts. Although he made many millions of dollars in his golf career, Norman only won two majors.

Larry Nelson, Vijay Singh, Ernie Els, Cary Middlecoff, Hale Irwin and many other lesser-known pros, all won at least three majors.

Oosterhuizen has tied Norman’s record of coming in second place in all of the four majors. He is a wonderful player, but he has a terrible time getting his hands on the trophy.

*  *  *

Covid-19 took six New York Yankees players out of action last week, including their best player, Aaron Judge. The Yankees are having a difficult time scoring runs this season with their completely right-handed lineup, and not having Judge makes things even tougher.

They finally got a good break last Saturday night when Gerritt Cole pitched a great game against the Red Sox, and before they had to go to their questionable bullpen, the contest was shortened to six innings by a persistent rain.

That game featured some poor fan behavior by a jerk in the left field stands who threw a ball at Boston left-fielder, Alex Verdugo,and hit him in the back.

The feisty Verdugo was so outraged that he looked like he wanted to jump into the stands and fight the dozen or so Yankee fans who thought that the incident was very funny.

Only a coward would throw a ball at a player on the field, and every once in a while, if not for the lawsuits that would ensue, you almost wish that the ballplayer would get a chance to retaliate.

Bad behavior by fans cannot ever be accepted, for if it is, it will lead to more copycats trying to get their 15 minutes of notoriety.

*  *  *

Covid-19 could have an impact on the finals of the NBA season. Milwaukee played a great game over the weekend to beat Phoenix and take a 3-2 lead in the series.

But the Bucks are led by Giannis Antetokounmpo, who scored 32 points in the game. His brother, Thanasis, tested positive before the game, and Giannis has been exposed to him.

Thanasis is a reserve forward on the team and by virtue of the league’s health and safety protocol, he was banished to his hotel room and will not be able to play in the next game.

Losing the reserve Antetokounmo will not hurt Milwaukee’s chances at all. He rarely plays. But what if Giannis tests positive, since he has been with his brother all week?

The odds of Milwaukee winning the series without their superstar will drop prohibitively.

And on another note concerning the Bucks’ star, who taught him how to shoot free throws? Shaquille O’Neal? He missed so many in Saturday night’s game, that it took heroics at the end to pull out the win.

Shouldn’t a guy who gets paid millions to play basketball be able to make 50% from the foul line?

Just asking.

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