BETHLHEM-WOODBURY — Nonnewaug recently released the names of athletes who earned recognition for their accomplishments in individual sports during the winter season, as well as in the classroom.

The following are athletes who earned Berkshire League recognition as Scholar Athletes: Julia Altieri, Anthony Bambino, Cassandra Barbino, Gregory Bastek, Bryce Bauer, Ian Bauer, Alexis Bernardi, Collin Bootsma, Kayla Bouchard, Paige Brandt, Mitchell Brooks, Owen Brown, Ian Budrewicz, Brendan Burke, Emilio Calvano, Joshuah Caton, Brandon Ciarlo, Ethan Ciesielski, Meteku Ciesielski, Erin Classey, Peyton Cocchiola, Aiden Colby, Samantha Conti, Benjamin Conti, Emily Crawford, Jack Cronin, Anna Culkin, Christopher Culkin;

Also, Charlotte D’Alexander, Kevin DeCesare, David DeForge, Benjamin Faraci, Samantha Faull, Savannah Fish, Harrison Forbes, Fiona Gengenbach, Sindy Gorka, Bianca Gracia, Austin Grant, Logan Grant, Andrew Greene, Eliana Groben, Zacharias Hellwinkle, Ashley Hennessey, Ryan Kaminski, Cody Kelsey, Jon Khazzaka, Tyler Lindberg, Carmen Lo, Caroline Martinetto, Julia McAllister, Kennis McCarthy, Samuel McDonald, Ryan Monteiro, Tyler Moody, Evan Nakoneczny, Madelynn Orosz, Katherine Pagnamenta, Michaela Pellino, Mackenzie Pfahl, Amelia Pillis, Pedro Prates, Joseph Reilly, Rebecca Riddle, Madeline Roden, Courtney Rowland, Nicholas Saccomani, Abigail Scheurich, Benjamin Shea, Carley Shook, Madison Stampp, Colby Steinfeld, Andrew Stone, Samantha Thompson, Mallory Tomkalski, Monica Untiet, Zachary Varnum, Christopher Velleca, Jack Wendel, Emily Wisniewski, Madeleine Woodward, Madison Wuttke and Victoria York.

In addtion, individual sports and team members also received honors for athletic achievements.

Boys’ Basketball: Jon Khazzaka, first team, Berkshire League; Tyler Lindberg, second team, Berkshire League; Jon Khazzaka, All-State, Division IV.

Girls’ Basketball: Berkshire League title and B.L. tournament winner; Madeleine Woodward, Ashley Hennessey, first team, B.L.; Samantha Conti, second team, B.L.; Madeleine Woodward, B.L. Edward B. Kolakowski Outstanding Senior Award for leadership, citizenship and basketball ability; Ashley Hennessey, All-State, Class MM; Madeleine Woodward, Litchfield County Official Outstanding Player/Sportsman Award.

Gymnastics: Samantha Thompson, All-SWC, second team; Paige Brandt, All-State.

Swimming: Berkshire League, Team Sportsman Award.

Wrestling: Jack Cronin, Jacob Marques, first team, B.L.; Jack Cronin, All-State, Class S; B.L. Team Sportsman Award.

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