To the Editor:

With so much attention being given to the national election it may become difficult to give our local elections the attention they deserve. Here is some information for your consideration.

Arthur O’Neill, the longest serving member of the Connecticut Assembly, is retiring at the end of this term. The district he represents is the 69th, and includes Bridgewater, Southbury, Roxbury and Washington.

Michele Zommer is running for this seat. Although a relative newcomer to campaigning for elected office, she has a background rich in volunteer, personal and advisory experience. She is a charter member of the Connecticut Arts Alliance. She was an adviser for the Strategic Planning Commission in Southbury.

She was instrumental in organizing the Women and Power conference that was held in March of 2019 in honor of Ella Grasso, the first woman governor of Connecticut. She has had a 25-year career in marketing and communication.

Michele is the fifth generation of her family to own and operate her own business. She understands what can go wrong with one in times of financial upheaval. She believes in encouraging the growth of small businesses, as they form a vital part in the financial health of a community.

Many politicians will tell you that they listen to you, but how many actually hear what you are saying? Michele will, as you share your concerns for economic recovery, sustainable growth, consumer protection and senior issues. Building on your ideas and concerns, her focus will be on creating a future filled with vitality for Connecticut. She will bring a forward-thinking perspective to Hartford.

It seems more than certain that our future lives will not be much like those we have lived before Covid-19. Michele is an innovator. She believes in collaboration with others, even those who hold differing points of view.

She hears. She is comfortable with challenging the status quo when a better way becomes clear. She cares. She is a leader.

Vote for her, and help to build Connecticut’s future.

Louise P. Duke


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If you've ever read my comments online, most will agree they are measured and respectful. I cannot let this LTE go without saying something that is important to me and should be important to you. Michele Zommer manages a community page on Facebook that, within town, has gained quite a bit of notoriety for the abundance of blocked/banned users from that page. Any person that speaks against Zommer’s ideals, suggests Zommer may be wrong, counters Zommer in any way seems to get banned. Go on a page like “Citizens of Southbury” and ask. You’ll find no shortage of people who have been, as they call it, “Zommered” (banned/blocked). I, myself, tried to join the group twice and have not been permitted to join. I’m not sure what motivated Zommer to create a community group in the first place, but I understand that it can be fun and interesting to engage people this way. It is absolutely her right to ban or block people as she sees fit, however wrong that may be. It’s her group. So the question is: do I want to vote for someone who shuts you out when they don’t like what you have to say, doesn’t respect our differences, will not tolerate views other than her own, at least long enough to listen and hear me out? There’s a word for that in the dictionary. It’s wrong. It won’t be the last time I speak on this. Zommer needs to rethink her position on silencing people for their differing opinions. There is nobody in Connecticut government that I’m aware of that practices this and I will not vote for it.

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