To the Editor:

Between Covid, which has changed our lives, disrupted school and work schedules and storms that knocked out power for days, the issue of the rising cost of living here has fallen off the radar.

It’s our utilities that are the prime culprits.

For the many living on fixed incomes, it’s a disaster. It makes it harder for those who want to stay in Connecticut near family and long-time friends more difficult, no less the concern of young people questioning whether to put down roots here or somewhere with a lower cost of living.

Does it have to be this way? No, no and no. Michele Zommer, candidate for state representative for the 69th District, aims to protect us consumers from the dragons we call utilities. Last month she testified before the Public Utilities Regulatory Agency in well publicized hearings.

Her testimony included: “When Eversource doubled most customer bills this summer, none of us had a plan of course, because they did it without warning or explanation.”

She, like Sen. Blumenthal, is aiming to slay these dragons and lower our costs while increasing service, which has deteriorated even as prices have gone up.

Let me add to the chorus: “Go, Michele, go.”

She’s a valuable, fresh voice who will stand up for all of us in Hartford.

I urge you and your family to take a hard look at your utility bills and for this reason, among many, vote for Michele Zommer as our state representative in Hartford.

Susan Spelman


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