To the Editor:

As long as Jeff Manville and his apologists continue his legacy of vandalizing and trashing the truth, we will not remain silent. We exposed his pattern of anti-Semitic comments and actions and we’ll continue to remind people of what he said and did. 

2015. First Selectman Candidate Manville, on Southbury Town Hall steps, after being publicly criticized by First Selectman Edelson for using “tactics” previously characterized as “Nazi-like tactics” angrily stated, “…Edelson better think twice before he pulls the ‘Jew Card.’”

2017. Riot occurs in Charlottesville. A woman was killed, others injured by neo-Nazis, anti-Semitic and racist groups. Selectman Rosen organized a rally against those groups. Manville called Rep. O’Neill, begging him not to attend, stating the event was not town-supported. Manville said, “I locked Town Hall doors so whatever they do, they have to do in the parking lot.”

Asked why he was so opposed, he stated he was concerned the KKK would counter-demonstrate. Sen. Blumenthal and three members of the BOS attended. No KKK.

2018. Manville tried creating a new, taxpayer-funded ambulance organization, obtaining Rep. O’Neill’s support by falsely stating that everyone in Southbury was in favor of his proposal. Rep. O’Neill withdrew his support, angering Manville.

In fact, the proposal was strongly opposed by the Southbury Ambulance Association because it undermined their efforts to expand improved services to Southbury. Manville’s plan would cost approximately $1 million with no improvement in service.

Manville’s scheme collapsed from legal defects, public opposition and BOS non-support. Manville irrationally continued blocking SAA’s application to expand and improve services. We couldn’t understand why, then realized several members of the ambulance corps, key leaders, are Jewish.

2020. Another witness. See Public Comments, BOS October 1 meeting video.

There are more incidents, too numerous for LTE limits.

Manville isn’t entitled to his own “alternative” facts.


State Rep. Arthur J. O’Neill

Dr. Ruby Corby O’Neill


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