To the Editor:

What in the world is going on in Heritage Village?

Since Voices’ masthead proclaims, “The community newspaper serving Southbury, Heritage Village, etc.,” I’d hoped yesterday’s paper would shed some light. Alas, the only Heritage Village items were about club events.

But something big and of interest to all HV residents is going on.

On July 25, I (and I expect) all Heritage Village residents were emailed an undated letter from Roger J. Giordano, Heritage Village Master Association/HHVF president and CEO, telling us four members of the Human Resources Committee had, on 7/22, circulated a memo “making allegations about my role as president...the allegations in the letter are NOT true.”

His letter said the HVMA Board had voted to meet on 7/29 to consider removing him as president, but that the 7/29 meeting could not happen because the Board had not followed HVMA by-laws in scheduling the meeting.

Then yesterday (7/31) another letter arrived via email telling residents the “Special Meeting” would now take place at 10 a.m. on August 7 in Sarah Cooke Hall.

Again, what in the world is going on in Heritage Village? What, in the view of the board, has the president done or not done that deserves removal from office?

One national newspaper has as its motto, “Democracy dies in darkness.” We rely on major newspapers to keep us informed about world and national events, but an equally important need is for our local newspaper to keep us informed about the goings-on in our local government.

While the August 7 meeting will take place after deadline for that day’s Voices, this is one reader who hopes the following issue will, in fact, tell us what’s happening in Heritage Village, and why.


Mack W. Stewart


Editor’s note: Heritage Village Master Association meetings are associated with a private business and are therefore not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Such meetings are beyond the purview of Voices.

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