To the Editor:

Sen. Eric Berthel seems in collusion with much of the national Republican Party perpetuating the lie that the 2020 election was stolen. After the Congressional House Republicans removed Liz Cheney from her leadership position for condemning these lies, I recalled Sen. Berthel’s display of a QAnon bumper sticker on his car last summer.

So on May 12, via his website, I asked his position on the 2020 election results and whether he considers Mr. Biden to be our legitimately-elected president. I got an email from one of his staffers thanking me for expressing my political views, but no answer to my question. So by reply-email and again through his website, I left out my views and asked the question again. No reply.

Sen. Berthel’s refusal to acknowledge Joe Biden as our legitimate president is cowardice unbecoming of an elected official. It is frightening how much of the Republican Party now accepts seditious politics and abandons our Constitution.

The Electoral College elected Mr. Biden as our president. Sixty state and federal courts, including many judges appointed by Mr. Trump, rejected challenges to the popular vote outcome The DOJ during the Trump administration found no evidence of widespread fraud.

If Sen. Berthel won’t recognize the legitimacy of our president, rejecting our courts and the Electoral College, then he rejects the rule of law and our constitution itself. That is the road to a failed and lawless state, to warlords and despots, to destruction of the American way of life.

I have faith the American people will not let such chaos come about. We will stand with the Founding Fathers in supporting the Constitutional republic they designed. Apparently that will be without the support of Sen. Berthel.

Will Wilkin


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