To the Editor:

I was very happy to read (Voices, January 20) that our Board of Selectmen approved a measure condemning the January 6 attack by the Trumpilicans on our Capitol, attempting to overthrow our democratic processes, the election and our Constitution.

However, I was not pleased to learn that two of our selectmen, Republicans George Bertram and Emily Harrison, chose not to support the measure. They feel they should only be concerned with local issues.

Too bad they don’t realize how democracy works. It starts at the local level and works its way up. There are more important things facing our society today than keeping the mil rate low and filling potholes. Our former president attempted a coup d’etat, in which people died. They are obviously either Trump supporters, or some of his Republican enablers, and they do not deserve our trust or votes.

Perhaps it’s fitting that the Republican Party, which came to national prominence with one of our great presidents, should go out having given us the worst.

If any elections were stolen it was the 2000 and 2016 elections. In 2000, the Republican controlled Supreme Court stopped the recount in Florida, where Gore lost by 566 votes, so Bush won the electoral vote 271 (with Florida’s 25 electoral votes) to Gore’s 266.

However, Gore won the popular vote 50,999,887 to Bush’s 50,456,002. In 2016 it was even worse, Clinton won the popular vote 65,853,514 to Trump’s 62,984,828, but she lost in the Electoral College, 227 to Trump’s 304.

Unless, they renounce Trump and the congressmen that support him, all elected Republicans are a danger to our democracy. Even now they are trying to change election laws in states they control to make it more difficult to vote.

That’s not democracy; we need to vote them out.

Gordon White


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Based on the last election, we can see there are opinions about national politics and there are opinions about state/local politics. Clearly, Southbury spoke separately on each with great wins for Republicans here in the 69th District. So, please - spare us your convoluted mashup of confusion and prejudice.

Our local leaders are doing just fine and will continue to help build, with much care, the town you and I love so dearly.

Those who continue to spread party hate, prejudice and Trump obsessions will fail in whatever their objectives may be. #movingforward #southburygop #loveSBY

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