To the Editor:

On November 4, the Woman’s Club of Woodbury, established in 1896, and American Legion Post 155 organized the annual Veterans Day ceremonies on the Cannon Green in Woodbury. First Selectman Barbara Perkinson delivered the history of Veterans Day.

Sgt. Joseph Roden, resident state trooper and a lieutenant colonel, U.S. Army Reserves, gave an historic viewpoint on the war. Lt. Col. (ret.) Nicole Karalli, Army National Guard and the president of the Terryville Woman’s Club, read a moving poem about our flag named, “Remember Me,” written by a veteran.

We offer thanks to the Fernandez family for supplying electricity; Joe Reed for engineering the sound system; refreshments, Dale White and Nancy Mackey, and Priscilla Steponaitis and Velma Pugliese for creating beautiful wreaths that were placed on the monuments.

Post 155 Commander Bud Neal recited the staggering statistics of the casualties of war. All the scouts should be proud of their able and patriotic performance: Pack 54 Cubs, Troop 54, Troop 480 and their leaders who prepared them for the event, Rick Alther, Tom Harrison, Monique Hellwinkle and Monica Gati.

The Revs. John Thomason of the United Methodist Church delivered the invocation and Sandy Koenig of North Church  delighted us singing his way to the benediction.

Hurricane Drum Corps member John Ulesky soulfully played “Taps.” 

This year we missed our friend Charlie Grandola, WWII vet, and his 70-year-old Army jeep. Hope you are well Charlie.

Thank you to all our uniformed service members across the world in pursuit of peace.


Claudette Volage, director

Woman’s Club of Woodbury

Mitch Chester, Air Force sergeant

American Legion Post 155


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