To the Editor:

I enthusiastically endorse Jeff Manville for first selectman of the town of Southbury. I have known Jeff and his family for five years and had the privilege of working on Jeff’s prior campaign as well as serving on the Republican Town Committee.

Jeff has been an outstanding first Selectman for our town and demonstrates his ability, character and integrity every day in service to Southbury. He is a transparent leader who works hard in the best interests of Southbury, providing efficient, responsible governance and sound financial management.

His numerous accomplishments included the following:

Dealt with the largest natural disaster to hit Southbury since 1955. Managed a $1.4M clean-up effort after the tornado.

Responsible fiscal management with only a modest increase in the mill rate compared to the prior administration.

Defective street lighting on Main Street South is in process of being corrected. This will improve both pedestrian safety and comfort.

Improvement of our roads and bridges on time and under budget. Extended the remaining service life of town roads by 43 percent by implementing lower cost methods of repair and maintenance.

Negotiated an agreement with Heritage Water/CT Water that included a five-year rate freeze, as well as the establishment of a fund to help Heritage Water residential customers in need.

I encourage all registered Republicans to vote for Jeff Manville at the July 17 Republican caucus. The caucus is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Senior Center. I look forward to seeing you.


Carol O’Reilly


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