To the Editor:

A popular activity this time of year is to prepare for tax season. If you are really on top of the game and have good fortune, you may even be looking at your future financial health by re-allocating and re-balancing your investment portfolio. After all, this year’s needs and risks have changed since last year.

And to top it off, every financial planner recommends this as a must-do exercise to be performed each and every year. 

The time, energy and organization this takes can be overwhelming.

Overlooked and not receiving nearly the same attention is re-allocating and re-balancing our personal relationships portfolio. Who didn’t I talk to last year, who didn’t I make time for at all, who am I spending way too much time with, who do I want to spend more time with, etc. ????

This is also a worthwhile exercise, maybe more so than financial re-allocation.


Rick O’Doy


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