To the Editor:

1 knew a man who saw a vision. He saw a dark lantern. He got closer and discovered a warm glowing light burned brightly within.

What good is this light if no one can see it?

He began to clean the vessel using a razor-sharp blade, scraping the glass to separate the darkened coating from the clear glass.

He realized, this is me, Lord.

“Jesus, I’ve received Your truth, Your forgiveness, Your light, but what do people see? The vessel or the light? Show me how to remove the barrier of the outer man.”

God said. “Read my word, son. It will wash you if you are honest with me. Just between you and me, I see what stands in the way.”

The man nodded.

Jesus said, “I am the word, alive and sharp to divide, so you can see what I see.” The man began to read thanking God. Then he stopped.

“You see it now, don’t you, son?”

The man lowered his head.

“1 do not condemn you. I’ve already known. You are forgiven, just give it to me. My blood, shed on the cross, continues to cleanse as you release. Don’t justify yourself. You know you want it gone.”

The man smiled. Peace came.

“Come, walk with me in my light. Commune with me there in truth. My Spirit leads you into all truth. My Spirit empowers you to choose light when it seems impossible.”

The man thanked God again for His goodness, His love, His forgiveness.

“Son, I see a flicker. Come, I’ll show you more. My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy. You’re going to love this process.”

This parable is based on I John 1:5-9, Hebrews 4:12, Ephesians 5:26, John 16:13. Ephesians 6:10, Romans 14:17, John 1:1.


Patricia Struski


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