To the Editor:

Thank you Georgia.

You have no idea how happy I was to write that. Then the rest of January 6 happened, as Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol in an attempted coup d’etat.

It’s hard to believe 140 Republican members of Congress signed up to oppose the electoral votes in states Trump lost. Besides being traitors, supporting overturning the Constitution and denying Americans their votes, what stupid losers these individuals are.

They believe that the PAC Trump has started will support other Republicans to run against them if they don’t support him, and his supporters will vote against their reelection.

Don’t they realize the money he is raising will be used up by his family’s legal defense fund and what’s left, will go to bail out his businesses?

But you Red MAGA Hats, keep mailing those checks in. I’m sure you’ll be offered a credit off the tuition at Trump University 2.0, or a credit toward the maintenance fees at Trump Tower Moscow.

I recently had dinner with another resident here. She mentioned that although she moved to Southbury 17 years ago, she was an ardent Democrat and never subscribed to the local daily newspaper (she continues to get the New York Times).

She wasn’t going to allow anything with a masthead that said Republican into her home. Although I gave up reading the editorials years ago, I do read the letters to the editor. However, with no editorial criticism or comment concerning what Trump and his supporters are trying to do, that red masthead just reminds me of the MAGA hats. So, after 48 years, I’m letting my subscription lapse.

Fortunately, the Trump supporters invading the Capitol were maskless, and can’t deny being there. As my wife used to tell me, Judge Judy says: “Beauty fades, but stupid is forever.”

Gordon White


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