To the Editor:

I cannot understand how there can be any confusion regarding who is the better choice for Southbury first selectperson starting in 2020. In this day of term limits we in Southbury have the perfect opportunity to limit the time one person will have control over that office.

Sen. Robert Dole, a hero of mine, is fond of saying, “We have term limits. They are called elections.”

If the current person had a sterling record as first selectman, one might be inclined to lean his way and ignore our power of limiting his time in office.

As I understand it, he feels his two most impressive achievements while in office are that the roads in Southbury are in very good shape, especially after the May 15, 2018, tornado, and that taxes are relatively low. Who can argue? Both good things.

Put differently however, he is taking credit for the work the people of the Highway Department are doing and did. He is also taking credit from the people who several years ago determined Southbury and Southbury children would be best served by a regional school system.

The school system’s finances are still the biggest part of the budget, but not so large because of the way regional systems are funded. Regionalizing was not done on his watch.

Taking credit is what managers do. I get that, but he also carries with him a lot of baggage/controversy: The whole ambulance fiasco; the non-transparency charge; the fight/misinformation with the Strategic Planning Commission; his intense battle just to get his own party’s endorsement.

Look, he is not a bad guy. He is a good family man who has worked for what he saw as a better Southbury. But we have a very worthy, willing and capable alternative.

Vote Boritz.


Jack Lampiasi


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