To the Editor:

I have found myself again searching for the best words to describe current feelings about the district leadership in Region 14.

To do this, I looked back on the many, many correspondences I have sent since the new administration took over. Correspondence about major issues, not trivial matters. Correspondence from way before Covid that outline systemic issues at the district level in Region 14.

All of the emails that I have sent in the past two years point to three major issues: lack of communication, lack of transparency and lack of honesty. From the lack of any strategic plan to guide the vision of our district in all areas, to safety and security concerns, to questionable hiring practices, to board meetings with no clear focus or logical information from the district leadership, to unprofessional behavior toward staff and parents in meetings and correspondence, to continual deflection of blame on the state of Connecticut or someone/something else as it suits ... the list goes on and on.

And here we are again, at another crossroads with our current district leadership in Region 14. This time it has put the entire BOE in the crossfire as their integrity and reputations are all on the line. This time it has shaken the very core of our teachers and staff in the region in a way I have not seen before.

The expectation of leading with morals and ethics and honor should not be taken lightly. The community is watching and hoping for an honorable resolution to the systemic issues in our region currently.

Silvia Ouellette


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