To the Editor:

Woodbury was indeed fortunate to have a seasoned local official take over the reins of municipal government at New Year’s, when First Selectman Bill Butterly unexpectedly died. Selectman Barbara Perkinson quickly stepped into the void, enabling the town to move on smoothly without interruption.

Barbara was a natural for the transition. A long-time resident, she was involved in town government for many years. A member of the Region 14 Board of Education for 12 years, she moved to the Zoning Commission for six years and as vice chairman she became experienced in land-use issues.

Elected to the Board of Selectmen in 2012, Barbara immersed herself in the operations of town government. She has often frequented, as an observer, many Board of Finance and other commission meetings, especially those dealing with important issues, thus keeping herself knowledgeable and up-to-date on issues coming before the Board of Selectmen.

Barbara has long made herself available to residents, by phone or in person, to discuss issues or problems, investigate and try to remediate their concerns. Barbara is the go-to person if someone has questions.

When First Selectman Butterly was away from his office for vacations, illness or recuperations from surgery, he appointed Barbara as acting first selectman in his absence. She became very familiar with the Town Hall staff and everyday operations of town government.

Barbara stepped into the breach immediately when Mr. Butterly died, and has been capably functioning ever since, perhaps from vast experience managing young teenagers before her retirement as a teacher at Swift Middle School in Watertown.

Barbara deserves the opportunity to continue as first selectman for a full term of her own. Woodbury deserves having her experience, expertise and commitment for another two years.

Please vote for Republican First Selectman Barbara Perkinson and her team on November 5.


Jean V. Carnese


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