To the Editor:

I write to support the candidacy of Jennifer Naylor for first selectman.

Four years ago Southbury Republicans put forth a team of candidates focused on working hard to improve Southbury. The promise was for respectful, inclusive and collaborative teamwork keeping the divisiveness of state and federal politics out of our town.

Grassroots democracy in its purest form requires all members of a community to consider, evaluate and debate the important issue of the day openly, respectfully and even passionately with all interested parties.

At the end of the discussion, a vote is taken and a decision made. The only winner should be the citizens of our great town. The leadership to achieve such a lofty goal starts at the top.

Using verified facts with inspirational discussion, true leadership inspires others to take an action that they may not have thought to do otherwise. It is achieved through cooperation, patience and full disclosure of all available information.

That is why I am supporting Jennifer Naylor in her efforts to provide an alternative leadership style. I have known Jennifer for many years, worked with her in the past and know her positive administrative style. She gathers the facts, seeks out opposing opinions and encourages bipartisan input.

As a former first selectman I know what’s needed to get the job done. Jennifer has proven her devotion to serving all Southbury residents with respectful, collaborative leadership; she does what she says she will do and would be a trustworthy and transparent leader.

I believe Jennifer would make an excellent first selectman. I ask my fellow Republicans to join me in supporting her candidacy at the Republican Caucus on July 17 at 7 p.m. in the Senior Center.


Mark A.R. Cooper


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