To the Editor:

I write to support Jennifer Naylor for first selectman. I ask my fellow Southbury Republicans to join me in voting Row A for Jennifer at the Republican Primary in Tuesday, September 10. I don’t usually write political letters, but I feel strongly that Jennifer will make an outstanding first selectman.

I am a lifelong Southbury resident, and am the vice president and part owner of R.I. Stone and Son, Inc., a third-generation family owned Southbury business for over 70 years.

My daughter (part of the fourth generation) currently works for the company as well. Southbury is our home and our place of business.

I care about my town and want to make sure that we think strategically about its future. I have been impressed by Jennifer during her years of service to Southbury, most recently as a member of the Board of Selectmen these past four years.

I have found her to be reasonable, kind, fiscally responsible and dedicated to Southbury’s residents. I know she will always act in the best interests of our community. Her message and vision for our town is inspiring.

I hope you will join me in voting for Jennifer Naylor at the primary on Tuesday, September 10.


Chuck Stone, Jr.


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