To the Editor:

The town of Woodbury needs someone who leads from the front. We need a leader who is not hamstrung by the myriad mandates and whims of administrative bureaucrats. We need a leader who will work to preserve freedom of choice.

That leader is Lisa Amatruda. Lisa, a long-time Woodbury resident, is running for first selectman. Lisa will be challenging the incumbent in a primary on September 14. Both candidates are Republicans.

I fully endorse Lisa in her quest to lead our town. Her qualifications are replete with everything a first selectman and leader needs to be effective and decisive. She is intimately familiar with Woodbury, serving as the registrar of voters, chairman of the Library Board of Trustees and as a member of the Woodbury American Legion.

Lisa also served 28 years in the U.S. Air Force before retiring in 2017 as a lieutenant colonel. Her knowledge and training in strategic thinking and policy planning will be an asset when she is Woodbury’s first selectman.

Lisa is a respected leader who knows how to develop highly motivated teams. Above all, Lisa is an action-oriented person who leads from the front.

Lisa is the co-owner of the Woodbury Shell Station and Convenience Store on Main Street. Her significant experience in operating a highly successful business amplifies her already substantial leadership qualities.

Woodbury is in need of true leadership during these trying times. Lisa Amatruda is that true leader. With Lisa at the helm, Woodbury residents can be assured of retaining their freedom of choice on personal matters.

I respectfully encourage all registered Republicans to vote for Lisa Amatruda in the September 14 primary.

David LaManna


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