To the Editor:

To answer the question posed by John Lago, Jr., on April 7, the governors of the Republican-led states reopened their states because the facts prove that strict lockdowns, as in the Democratic-run states, do little to nothing to stop the infections.

Statistics prove that all the severe curtailment of our freedoms during this pandemic have not resulted in any measurable prevention of infections. Some of the worst states in infections and deaths have been in states with very strict limitations on the people. The governors of Republican states trust in their people to make their own decisions to remain safe and healthy that clearly Democratic governors do not.

Contrary to his statement that Trump utterly failed in his response to the pandemic, the facts show that with the limited information that the Chinese gave to the world, he acted quickly and decisively according to the recommendations of the medical community.

The governors of both red and blue states ran to the federal government to give them the supplies that they needed and President Trump gave them everything they asked for and more. Today it is only because Trump initiated his “operation warp speed” that we now have not one, but three vaccines to fight the virus.

It is completely predictable that President Biden is trying to take credit for something he had nothing to do with. He has articulated his plans to fight the virus and in keeping with his long history of plagiarism, it is almost word for word the same plans that Trump had for going forward.

One of President Biden’s early plans, that he said was “very ambitious” was to have 100 million people vaccinated in his first 100 days. 

I guess no one told him that Trump’s plans were already vaccinating more than that number every day.

Richard Lupia


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