To the Editor:

I live in a neighborhood near the CPV Towantic Energy Center. People often ask me if I can hear noise from the power plant. I say that beyond any noise I may or may not hear from CPV, the sound of gunfire in my neighborhood concerns me more than anything else.

On Sunday, November 3, I got out of my car in my driveway around 4 p.m. to the sound of gunfire, very nearby. I wondered if hunting season had started and where in this residential area someone would be shooting firearms. Rapid and constant rifle fire and the discharge of automatic weapons could be heard even inside my house.

I called the police. The officer who answered said there had been other complaints, but someone had called about an hour ago to say they were target shooting. They were to be “safe.” I don’t know what “safe” is when it comes to shooting weapons adjacent to the Larkin State Bridle Trail. Is it safe to walk your dog yards away from “target shooting” and next to a state park?

It continued. We called again after dark. We were told that the police do not know exactly what the law is regarding target shooting in a neighborhood and that it would probably stop soon because it was dark. We don’t know if the shooting stopped eventually because it was too dark or if a car had been sent to investigate.

There is a legitimate shooting range in Naugatuck and a rod and gun club in Oxford. They have rules for safety.

As a career educator in Newtown, I know that military-style automatic weapons have only one purpose. That is to kill people. I have them in my neighborhood.


Kate MacKinney


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My business is on the other side of the airport. I was staying late with some local Police.

We heard the target shooting. At no point was an actual automatic weapon, discharged. Period.

You have absolutely no evidence, that a "military style weapon", was discharged, at any point.

As an educator, one would hope you'd know better. One would hope that you'd have respect enough to approach your neighbor, prior to being libelous and attempting to spread fear around a situation that deserves none.


Factually speaking - They're not automatic weapons.

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