To the Editor:

As per the Social Security Administration’s Chief Actuary, Stephen Goss, Donald Trump’s plan to terminate Social Security’s dedicated funding will destroy Social Security long before his second term is up. If Social Security’s funding were terminated as Trump has proposed, the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund will be depleted by 2021 and the Old Age Survivors Trust Fund will be left with no ability to pay benefits after 2023.

President Trump has claimed the authority to defund Social Security with no action from Congress whatsoever. By instructing the IRS to defer collecting contributions for up to a year, Trump can fully defund and destroy Social Security’s disability insurance and provoke a crisis that could force legislation cutting many other benefits or even privatize the program.

Don’t let Trump rob citizens of their much needed benefits. Social Security came into law when a moral law outweighed a political one. Our retirees rely on Social Security; our future retirees are counting on it when they become eligible, and tens of thousands of Americans need the disability benefits they receive because of an inability to earn a living, something they would prefer to do.

Be selfish November 3 and vote for yourself, your Social Security and future generations who will need it. You can do this by not voting for Trump.

Vote for Joe Biden who proved he is a staunch supporter of protecting Social Security when he was vice president. Thank you.

Christopher Cutter


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