To the Editor:

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a number of letters supporting Jennifer Naylor.

One person wrote, “She is honest in her evaluation of issues, she acts on the basis of facts not opinions or politics and she cares.” This sounds just like Jeff Manville.

Another wrote, “Jennifer was always thorough in evaluating issues and determined to respond fully, promptly and openly to any inquiry.” This sounds like Jeff Manville as well.

A third letter stated “She is smart, honest, industrious, an excellent communicator and is able to work with others in a collaborative manner to achieve an appropriate consensus and result.” Sounds again like Jeff Manville.

I am left with one question after reading all the letters. Why should we change? What has Jeff Manville done that warrants being replaced?

We have a proven entity in Jeff Manville. Why change?


Patricia M. Pietrini


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