To the Editor:

Southbury First Selectman Jeff Manville has accused fellow Selectman Emily Harrison of leaking “executive session” information concerning the theft of town-owned fuel. This is the same theft of fuel discovered by an outside auditor in 2019 that Mr. Manville claims to have not covered up.

Mr. Manville was given that auditor’s report in March of 2019. It was quietly posted to an obscure corner of the town’s website, never to be heard of again until recently.

The accusations made by Mr. Manville against Selectman Harrison are laughable. The theft of town fuel and the subsequent cover-up have been known by hundreds of people, inside and outside of town government, for years.

Furthermore, how exactly does one “leak” something in 2021 that was, if we are to believe Mr. Manville, made publicly known in 2019? What evidence does Mr. Manville have of this leak, of information readily available on the town website, that would justify besmirching the reputation of a fellow Republican selectman?

Manville is now hiring an attorney, at taxpayer expense, to defend his ongoing slander of Selectman Harrison. No one should be surprised. Mr. Manville has run Southbury on his own “Friends and Family” plan for far too long. His friends get free town gas. His family gets unannounced, no-compete town jobs.

Now taxpayers must pay for a defense of his buffoonery and incompetence. Southbury deserves better.

John G. Gray


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