To the Editor:

Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation on the origins of the Trump/Russia collusion and Steele dossier has brought indictments against Michael Sussmann, a lawyer working on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC. His research and indictments are too lengthy to go into in this letter, but can be easily found online.

As a country, we went through millions of dollars in investigations and repeated trauma to our collective national soul. All of it was based on lies. Individuals were unjustly jailed, reputations and jobs were ruined and our 45th president was repeatedly hamstrung in doing his duties by false allegations and an impeachment. Other indictments from Durham will come.

This brings me to January 6. If we take a step back from the media mantra of the event, there are some questions to be answered. President Trump had green-lighted the use of the National Guard a couple days before the incident and the Capitol police had declined the offer. Why? Not all the videos that were recorded on January 6 were turned over for viewing. Why?

It is known that members of the FBI were imbedded in a group they were actively investigating and were with them on January 6. What role did they play and why have we not heard from them? Why have some of our citizens been held in prison without trials for over a year in wretched conditions?

This “insurrection” deserves an independent investigation in the same way the Russia/Trump collusion fiasco did. Take this out of the politicians’ hands and find a man of integrity, like Durham, to search out the truth.

Barbara Fairbanks


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