To the Editor:

“Let’s preserve the rural character of our town.” We’ve all heard this sentiment expressed in a hundred different ways by a hundred different people on a hundred different platforms. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

We moved to Oxford 11 years ago because we loved its wooded spaces, fields of crops and acres of grazing livestock. We have watched as everything that made us love this place was sold off to the highest bidder or leveled to make yet another development. Our beloved Jackson’s Cove has become too unsafe for swimming and wildlife that once made its home in the abundant forests is now struggling at our back porches.

The town of Oxford has the money available to buy some of these pieces of untouched land and yet, time after time, it hesitates to act and hard-fought grants are left to expire, money unused. 

There is one such piece of land available right now. Its 80+ acres back up to the protected shores of Lake Zoar and has been filtering water runoff into the lake since the 1700s, helping to keep Jackson’s Cove clean and open for swimming.

It’s not hard to envision this land being used for trails, agricultural courses for high schoolers, organic gardens, community outreach and pre-K programs benefitting each and every Oxford resident.

It’s time for Oxford to end the lip service and start preserving the land that makes it so uniquely Oxford.

Christine Zacarelli


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