To the Editor:

Political party caucuses are a longtime New England tradition where rank-and-file party members get a chance to question candidates, compare their platforms, cast votes for their preferred candidates and then rally behind the eventual winner.

Just hours before the caucus, our current First Selectman Jeff Manville threw the entire time-honored process into a tailspin when he announced his intention to seek reelection regardless of the outcome of the caucus vote and/or primary results.

This will come at an unnecessary cost to all taxpayers.

This bears the question, why primary at all if he is so determined to be on the ballot as a petitioning candidate in November. Such political theater and waste of our tax dollars is not what Southbury residents deserve or expect from the selectman’s office.

The fact that Mr. Manville made his decision known even before a single vote was cast at the caucus showed he had little concern for the time and opinions of all 426 voters who endured the sweltering heat to hear candidates make their pitch and then vote for our best candidates to lead Southbury into the future.

It’s reasonable to ask why a candidate would tell his fellow Republicans that their vote doesn’t count, then turn right around and ask the same voters for their support for another term.

Southbury needs elected leaders who believe that voters’ opinions should matter. That’s why I’m proud that the Republican Caucus endorsed Jennifer Naylor for Southbury’s next first Selectman.

Jennifer will listen to voters and taxpayers, bringing a needed fresh leadership style and perspective to town government that Southbury so rightly deserves.


Michael Kaklamanos


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