To the Editor:

There are very few politicians that I have been able to describe my emotion when preparing to vote for them as excitement. With the upcoming Republican Primary, I can honestly say I am excited to vote for Cindy Harrison.

Two years ago Cindy asked for our vote to represent the 69th District in the House of Representatives and there has not been one instance in her execution of those duties that has made me question my decision. Cindy Harrison has represented us with grace and vigor and has not broken a single promise made to her constituents over the past two years.

When I first met Cindy in 2020, she told me she was different, that as a CPA she would use her analytical skill as a bedrock for voting, that she would take her role seriously and be committed to her constituents. I was cautiously optimistic.

After watching her perform her duties, I have removed cautiously, I am optimistic. Cindy has not missed a single vote. Not only has Cindy not missed a vote, but she also has a 100% voting record from the Connecticut Business and Industry Association in 2022.

When Cindy tells me she supports parents rights, the Second Amendment and law enforcement, I believe her.

But for me what is most important, when Cindy says she treats being our representative as her full time job, I believe her. I know that we have a strong defender of the 69th District who has already proven she will vote against new taxes, tax increases and will do so from a place of professionalism and with grace.

I am proud to be represented by Cindy Harrison in Connecticut’s 69th District and I am excited to vote for her again (and again).

Sean McCloud


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