To the Editor:

Accolades of praise to the most extraordinary of God’s beautiful creations ... first responders, hospitals, healthcare workers and nursing homes, for their tireless efforts and much needed emotional support in a dire need of same. Their courage and assistance is beyond reproach.

During this significant and unprecedented time in all of our lives, all players came up to bat. No one sat on the bench. All innings of care-ing, do-ing, share-ing, comfort-ing, were all bound by the cloth of kindness. At bat first was Tamath Rossi, director of Senior Services, who orchestrated the food brigade along with her efficient and untiring staff and wonderful and tireless volunteers and workers.

They took food orders by phone, went shopping and delivered food to the seniors in our community. This service was complimentary.

ShopRite handled the entire program courteously and efficiently; we thank you. Mrs. Rossi made sure that Ride-a-thons took place during Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, where gifts were presents to the seniors. She also made sure of weekly calls, keeping us posted via phone and bulletins to make us feel secure and updated.

Heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for complimentary Thanksgiving dinners sent by the The Hearth (assisted living) and Rathskeller restaurant to those living alone.

An unexpected surprise came to me personally, complimentary from Agnew Florist of Watertown.

A host of neighbors and friends shared their Thanksgiving dinners. I had my first taste of Milites bread; delicious. Did anyone happen to see the magnificent pizza box Christmas tree done by Hometown Pizza of Southbury? Like nothing you have ever seen before.

In short, I am grateful and proud to be a resident of a town that gives back. I am truly blessed to sip the waters of heaven’s lake.

Regina, There is a Santa Claus.

Joan P. Yozzo


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