To the Editor:

Town leaders and taxpayers share a common concern to provide essential services as costs rise and resources dwindle, but let’s not be penny wise and pound foolish.

Region 14 athletic lights and bleachers were approved long ago.

The cost pales in comparison to the budget-breaking unfunded mandates imposed in the tax and spend policies of one-party Democrat majority rule in Hartford during 48 of the last 50 years.

Say yes to athletic facilities and:

Attend BOE meetings and meet the exceptional Region 14 student-athletes, teachers, administrators, coaches, parent volunteers and BOE members working together so students become the best that each can be with “needs versus wants budgets” mindful of taxpayers concerns;

Visit the extraordinary athletic facilities;

Attend athletic events, talk with student athletes, coaches and parents, understand the benefit of these facilities to students and also adults who enjoy walking or running on the track;

Recognize the potential benefit to businesses advertising products and services, to family, friends and neighbors attending events and the reduced travel expenses when teams host more home events which enhance already competitive athletic programs;

Think about the long-term benefits of attracting young families to Region 14, the increase in property values, the grand list, a business friendly local economy attracting more customers and businesses, and reduced local property taxes as the tax base is shared by more prosperous families.

Say no to Gov. Lamont and the tax and spend policies of one-party Democrat majority rule in Hartford.

Say no to unfunded state mandates and reduced ECS that burden Region 14, Bethlehem and Woodbury.

Let’s say yes on November 3 by electing fiscally responsible Republican candidates who support equal opportunity for everyone.


K. David Schultz


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