To the Editor:

After reading one of the latest messages from the superintendent where he tried to reverse course and strike a different tone from his usual bluster, I am once again left speechless.

However, the statement about being “forced to build and fly at the same time,” during the Covid crisis is particularly rich. The superintendent has been quoted by many different media, claiming many different and contradictory things. They range from “I don’t have a copy of the list” to “I didn’t know who was selected,” and most recently, “I gave the list to Mr. Harutunian.”

The events leading up to this vaccination rollout were not happening in a vacuum, but it is obvious that the pattern of deception and mistrust is well entrenched since Dr. O took the helm in Region 14.

In August Dr. O arbitrarily canceled all sports without the proper guidance of ClAC or DPH. “The letters,” as support of his decision, still they do not exist. Shouldn’t they be part public record? They are nowhere to be found.

BOE meetings since have been filled with misinformation and basically a Dr. O’s narrative of because I said so, that our BOE accepts. In addition, the hiring of this superintendent since 2018 has resulted in the departure of dozens of qualified and dedicated staff, not to mention valued and respected BOE members. I would bet that most would have preferred to stay were it not for the superintendent, and that is not a coincidence.

The BOE must not continue to be a rubber stamp for the superintendent. Do your job, hold this person accountable, or resign. Superintendent Olzacki is not learning to build and fly, he is continuing his ongoing campaign of deconstruction and deceit.

Don’t forget; 97% of the people he leads voted no confidence.

Kelly L. Burke


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