To the Editor:

This is a response to the letter written by Doug Faynor in the September 29 issue of Voices.

Mr. Faynor’s inferences that Justice Southbury is tied to the Democratic Town Committee is not accurate. There are many walks of life that attend this gathering.

I am a proud member of Justice Southbury. I was happy to find a group that was compassionate, diversified and active in making a difference towards a better world. It was the unnecessary death of George Floyd, preceded and followed by more black men and women’s untimely deaths, that called for the need for action. Bringing to the foreground other injustices that occurred this year as the attacks on the Asian population, then most recently, in our own town, an attack on the Democratic Party comparing them to Nazis.

Justice Southbury is a group of people who believe in equality of all people and equal justice for all. We have raised money to support a Waterbury community garden project and raised money and donated school supplies to Afghan children that have migrated to Connecticut.

We hear speeches from many who have suffered from social injustice and bigotry. Local pastors and a rabbi attend our rallies. We celebrated National Hispanic Month and National Pride Month this summer by having speakers that made us better informed.

We are proud to know that a family recently moved here because they saw our group and decided this is the kind of community they wanted to live in. We have invited both political parties running for election in Southbury to come and speak to us at Playhouse Corners. The world is a better place with Justice Southbury in it.

Justice Southbury stands by:

“Hate has no home here.” Teach your children to love, love your neighbor. Everyone is welcome.

Karen Schwarzchild


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