To the Editor:

In today’s economy, people are looking for the best bargain they can find to stretch their hard-earned dollar, getting the biggest bang for their buck. 

A great place to check out is the Seymour Public Library; there are many “free” sources of entertainment and computer accessibility. There are new best sellers, DVDs, Blu-Ray movies, and audio books (great when you’re stuck in traffic on I-95 or Rt 8).

The library staff works diligently to provide free programs for children and adults, and attendance is free. 

Programs may be during the day, evenings, or, on Saturday. Note: the library will be closed Saturdays for July and August.

The Friends of Seymour Public Library hold book sales the last Saturday of the month (June 29) and there are over 10,000 items available – books, puzzles, audio books, CDs and DVDs. Funds raised purchase unbudgeted items for the library’s needs (deposit bins, folding chairs, window shades, etc.) Volunteers are always needed.

Some statistics from fiscal year – July 2017 through June 2018 for the Library – There were 46,105 visits , 5,242 computer sessions, and 62,288 circulations. With a population of 16,583 people in Seymour, 6,326 residents have library cards – or, 38% of the population. This is one of the higher percentages in the valley, which is wonderful.

The Seymour Public Library Board of Directors would like to get 50 percent of the town’s population to have library cards by September 1. (We only need 1,995). 

This would help us show you what we have to offer, and get your input on other programming interests. Won’t you please help us reach this goal? You can check us out at

Paula F. Chapla, president

Seymour Library Board

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