To the Editor:

Not so long ago, the Republican Party defined itself as the party of small government, sensible tax policies and conservative values. The Republican Party has collectively come off the rails and has become a catch basin for grifters and peddlers of conspiracy theories of all types.

The most damaging conspiracy theory is the “Big Lie” about voter fraud. Right now in Arizona, a state that had elected a statesman like senator and former presidential candidate John McCain, there is a fake audit of 2020 election ballots underway and the only outcome so far is the possibility of rendering voting machines useless for future elections.

A future rally is planned in Arizona for a “stop the steal” event, starring two new icons, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican House members. Gaetz is under investigation for any number of serious crimes and Rep. Greene is someone who would have trouble passing a psychiatric exam. Please don’t tell me these two are the best candidates the Republicans have.

Other Republican lawmakers are lining up right now to throw millions of taxpayer dollars into the voter fraud audit scam. The real “stop the steal” will end when voters send a message that political hacks like Gaetz and Greene are no longer welcome in the Republican Party.

It may take a long time, but as the Rev. Jesse Jackson said, “keep hope alive.”

John Lago


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