To the Editor:

Donald J. Trump might just be the most dangerous sore loser in history. He’s always despised losers. John McCain was captured. Loser. Now Trump is what he would call a loser if it weren’t himself he’d be talking about.

He’s so insecure he’d rather take down the country than be seen as a loser. He’s currently engaged in a scorched earth effort to destroy government agencies and institutions before he’s dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming.

In an attempt to smear a free and fair election he’s doing his damndest to undermine his successor, something no honorable person who lost an election would stoop to doing. Joe Biden won by more than 7 million popular votes and got 302 electoral college votes, the same number Trump got in 2016 when he said he won in a landslide.

Now, as a loser in a landslide, Trump tweets that he’s the victim of the “greatest election fraud in the history of the United States.”

He just shrugs when his supporters threaten election officials. He brands political opponents as un-American. Despite losing dozens of last ditch lawsuits, including two Supreme Court decisions, he insists the election was rigged.

A functioning democracy depends upon belief in the fairness of elections, something people in both parties work hard to assure in every state. No one who cares about our nation should dispute election results without substantial evidence.

Trump’s baseless claims undermine faith in our system. And they create a myth in the minds of his followers — the king was unfairly deposed and deserves to be restored to the throne.

Our nation is seriously threatened. All of us who believe in government of the people, by the people and for the people need to do what we can to keep it alive.


Tom Crider


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One part of your rant that I strongly disagree with is your words of prejudice. “…a myth in the minds of his followers". A quick peer check on these things before you hit “send” would have avoided this unfortunate insult. As someone who is well known in our community, you should know better to check and re-check yourself before telling Southbury about what this or any Trump supporter thinks. Making claims as to the thoughts of "Trump supporters" is grouping all of us as being one thing, thinking one thing and that is wrong. Southbury deserves better than that. I would expect that we could all agree on that point. There are lots of people that believe myths and I think you may be helping to propagate some of them.

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