To the Editor:

Recently I attended the inspiring 39th annual E.F. Schumacher lectures on “Actionable Responses to Climate Change.” The Schumacher Institute, located in Great Barrington, Mass., is known for its innovative approaches to societal issues. The two speakers are excellent examples of people who “walk the talk;” they make things happen.

Sallie Calhoun owns and manages a 7,600-acre ranch in California and is the founder of the #NoRegrets Initiative to affect sustainable changes in our agricultural system.

Greg Watson, the other speaker, has spent over 40 years applying the systems approach of Buckminster Fuller to agriculture and energy systems. He has done this as commissioner of the Massachusetts Agriculture Department and as the first director of Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust.

He began as the director of the New Alchemy Institute whose mission statement is “Restore the Land, Protect the Seas, Inform the Earth’s Stewards.” At the institute, Mr. Watson met and was mentored by Mr. Fuller.

Greg will be the speaker at the fourth Greater Woodbury Environmental Forum at 7 p.m. Monday, November 11, at the Mattatuck Unitarian Universalist Society, 214 Main St. South in Woodbury. His topic is “Environment, Equity and Climate: Tools for Systemic Change.”

If you are looking for an optimistic perspective on what can be done to address climate change and environmental devastation through the eyes of someone who has made positive changes in agriculture and energy systems, I encourage you to attend. Full disclosure: Greg and I belonged to the same college fraternity.


Ed Edelson


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