To the Editor:

In his September 1, letter to the editor (“Says Rally a Tone-Deaf Miss”), Doug Faynor asked “why was it so important for Justice Southbury to hold a rally in a tropical storm?”

I’m happy to answer. For 67 straight Sunday afternoons, Justice Southbury has held peaceful, positive, uplifting rallies for social justice and racial equity in rain, snow, heat and cold. Why is it important that we do so? It’s important because our mission is “to cultivate an inclusive community where all are treated fairly and welcomed as equals.”

It’s important because our vision is “a more fair and kind community for all.” Southbury is already a wonderful town; we’re just working to make it better, like so many other local volunteer organizations do.

Mr. Faynor also asked why so many Justice Southbury members “are running for office this fall.” 

Because they are invigorated to make positive changes in our community. Their candidacies are extensions of our theme to, “love your neighbor.” 

Applied to civic duties, that means to work hard for your neighbors (all of them) to better their town.

Mr. Faynor also asked whether Justice Southbury “has strayed from its original purpose.” Nope. As Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Justice Southbury will continue to do its part to bend the local moral arc toward justice. And if you would like to work “to cultivate an inclusive community where all are treated fairly and welcomed as equals,” then please consider joining us.

Rick and Julia Richardson, co-founders,

Justice Southbury


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