To the Editor:

The Woman’s Club of Woodbury would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was touched by our 25th Holiday House Tour on December 14, 2019.

We especially thank the homeowners, Beverly Carlone, Michael Kwan, Jonathan Vartelis, Stephanie Clark and Linda Leidel, without whom the tour would not have been possible. Our thanks are profound, as the whole community will benefit from their generosity and goodwill.

Our deep appreciation to the men and women who volunteer as docents: Lions Stan Love and Skip Jarret and senior volunteers Wes Wensek and Don Richards who installed house tour road signs; the businesses who sold tickets and sponsored placemats.

People from all over the state travel to Woodbury to experience our Holiday House Tour. They report how much they enjoy it and how much they admire our beautiful town.

The Woman’s Club of Woodbury extends a hearty thank you to the community and a healthy and Happy New Year to all. 

If you would like to learn more about our House Tour or the Woman’s Club, visit our website or visit us on Facebook: Woman’s Club of Woodbury-the one in Connecticut.

Claudette Volage and the House Tour team

Marcy Jackson, Barbara Packer, Velma Pugliese, Kris Atwood, Dale White, Nancy Mackey, Phyllis Story, Millie Uranus, Bonnie Gardella, Tina Richards, Anastasia Persico, Norma Volk, Carol Assenza and Bruce-Elizabeth Frey

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