To the Editor:

In view of recent news reports about anti-maskers taking over school board meetings, I decided to attend the Region 15 Board of Education meeting on September 27, to see if that was a similar issue here, since I hadn’t read anything in the local press.

I got there about 20 minutes after the meeting had started. Prior to opening the meeting to public comments, the chairman of the Board of Education indicated that she hoped everyone would be respectful, that they would be required to wear a mask at the podium, to sign in, to state their names and town of residence, and that they would be allowed to speak for three minutes.

There were about 30 members of the public in attendance, most of whom spoke, all of whom were opposed to children being required to wear masks in school.

One woman I felt had a legitimate concern. Her child is hearing impaired and the mask and distancing requirements make it impossible for her child to read lips. When I commented about this to a board of member I know, they indicated that they were pretty sure the superintendent was aware of this and had offered a solution, but it required the child be transported out of the region, which the parent did not want.

Other comments, such as: “Masks are a sign of sickness; we should not burden our children with worrying about other people’s health.” “Blood oxygen levels are lower in surgeons who wear masks.” “Children wearing masks are inhibited and their humanity is being taken from them.” “I can’t tell if my teacher is smiling.”

As far as these comments are concerned, I think the more serious problem facing their children, is the intellectual gene pool they’re coming from.

Gordon White


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