To the Editor:

How do urban myths and legends take hold? Stories of sewer alligators, deaths of rock stars and the vanishing hitchhiker gained significant traction years ago and were believed by many, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Some myths and legends we glibly dismiss, others we ponder as to their credibility and a few we struggle to put in context and separate fact from fiction.

Here’s a recent one attributed to Jahana Hayes. “She wants to defund the police,” people (and political ads) cry. “Jahana voted for it.” No, she didn’t. Urban myth.

In fact, Jahana Hayes never supported defunding the police. Her husband spent 25 years with the Waterbury Police Department and she prayed nightly he would safely return home. Don’t believe it? Check out her voting record. Jahana advocated for COPS grants (Office of Community Oriented Policing Services) and community resources to support police.

She voted to save pensions of police officers, supported mental health programs for officers and voted for the Active Shooter Alert Act, Law Enforcement Training Act and Public Safety Support Act.

Jahana Hayes brought millions of dollars in funding to police departments in the Fifth Congressional District: Wolcott, $3.2 million; New Britain, $15K; New Fairfield, $2.1 million, and Watertown, $3 million; both towns awaiting disbursement in this year’s budget, and Waterbury PAL (Police Athletic League), $171,000.

Jahana’s actions “say” it all. She supports police officers and their departments, advocates for and secures funding that upholds her values and those of the people she represents.

There’s only one response to next the Facebook or television advertisement that misinforms you about Jahana Hayes, alleging her lack of support for police: urban myth. Jahana is truly a Congresswoman who makes us proud. I look forward to supporting her in the upcoming election. 

Barbara Mechler


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