To the Editor:

In the October 23 issue of Voices, someone wrote about Trump’s recent confrontation with the California Air Resources Board. His letter stated, “when natural gas, solar and wind reach their total utilization, nuclear power will be resurrected and dominate.”

Total utilization? Once the sun stops shining and the wind stops blowing, we won’t need nuclear power because we’ll all be gone.

In its current condition, nuclear power is not the answer. Nuclear power plants are typically located on or near coasts to take advantage of water for cooling.

In this emerging age of catastrophic weather events and rising sea levels, we should learn from Japan’s devastated Fukushima Daiichi. And do not forget Chernobyl, the casualty of human error and arrogance, the hubris that has overturned many empires throughout history.

The biggest concern is that we still don’t know how to dispose of the nuclear waste that remains radioactive for thousands of years, which makes it a very serious environmental problem. Not political. Environmental.

Like coal and natural gas, uranium is just another mined and finite resource. We need to stop plundering the planet and set our sights on sustainable forms of energy like the sun, water and wind. Energy exists in all living things on earth, so consider biomass and biofuels.

Efforts to eliminate carbon energy are not futile. We got over sperm whale oil, we’re getting over coal, oil production is predicted to decline and yes, natural gas can reach total utilization.

But green technology is in its early stages, and as it evolves, we will overcome any engineering challenges to eventually achieve 100 percent renewable systems.

Our prospects are bright as long as the sun keeps shining.


P.A. White


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