To the Editor:

I lost the bet with my brother, but I am glad I lost. A year ago, we bet on whether an effective vaccine would be available to all U.S. citizens who wanted it by now. Given what we knew then about the time to develop an effective vaccine and the questionable approach to Covid-19 (anti-mask, pro-hydroxychloroquine and bleach), I was sure I would win.

I was even more confident in late 2020 from the disruption caused by the disappointing presidential transition.

But something amazing has happened in the last three months. The Biden administration has restored the public sector as the critical third leg of the stool that the United States has relied on for decades until 1980: a competitive free market to provide efficiency in use of resources, a public sector that provides stability and equity, and a non-profit sector that fills in important gaps in the welfare, innovation, environmental protection and creativity.

We now know that the mRNA technology behind Moderna and Bio-Tech vaccines was due to basic science funding from the U.S. government. And we can see that the coordinated rollout and clear messaging by scientists and competent managers is achieving dramatic results ahead of schedule.

For too many decades, we have seen a hollowing out of government by both Republican and Democratic leaders who bought into the notion that government was to be feared as if were staffed by our enemies from a foreign land.

False. They are our neighbors, friends and family. And we all want a country that works for all of its citizens.

We just might be at the forefront of a new era in the history of our country. Build Back Better indeed.

By the way, the bet was for a chocolate cake.

Ed Edelson


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