To the Editor:

Working closely with Lisa on the Woodbury Republican Town Committee, I know her as a loving mother, an advocate of our United States Constitution and an organized, decisive, strong leader. I am proud of her decision to run for first selectman in Woodbury.

Businesses that survived lockdowns last year are scared of future ones that will surely close their doors, possibly forever. We are a town of caring parents; our children thrive in sports and want in-person learning and to breathe freely, see each other’s faces.

Parents are concerned, therefore informing themselves, seeking scientific and medical information on effectiveness. Also, there’s enough reason to evaluate the risks of bacterial and viral growth on masks. I believe whole heartedly that freedom to choose is everyone’s right.

We’re a town of restaurants, churches and small businesses, who deserve a strong leader like Lisa, to push back on politically motivated mandates when necessary, respect healthy boundaries and parental rights. Our children have been challenged, in a way unprecedented over the last year. Lisa dove head-on in conversations with parents, believing that parents know what’s best for their families.

Lisa genuinely respects others who have served our country. It was her support of veterans, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice, that motivated her help organizing a wreath making project, placing seven wreaths in Woodbury’s cemeteries and the Cannon Green, as well as placing flags at every soldier’s grave on Memorial Day.

After 28 years of service to our country in the United States Air Force, retiring as lieutenant colonel, she is humble and grateful to all who served before and after her. I’ve seen it and I love that about her.

Lisa is the better candidate. She values integrity, respects parents, wants both transparency and accountability to the taxpayers of Woodbury.

Thea Alfes


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