To the Editor:

Region 14 is privileged that Tikva Rose is a candidate for the Board of Education. Tikva promises to put children and their needs, first. She will provide support for teachers, creating an atmosphere of quality education. She pursues a path enabling students’ success in school and the ability to contribute to our ever changing global society.

Born in Jerusalem, she served in the Israeli military and graduated from Hebrew University with high honors and a bachelor of science degree in business administration and communications. She relocated to America, working at a NYC-based Israeli bank.

Having a passion for education, paired with her love for children, Tikva changed her career. She holds dual certification in childhood and special education, with a master’s degree from Mercy College. She taught in private and public schools for 15 years, currently teaching seventh- and eighth-grade students at Newtown Middle School. She works directly with students impacted by the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy.

Tikva is involved with community-wide organizations serving the student population, a local Brownie Troop and teaching seventh-graders at Temple B’nai Israel. Tikva is vice president of Mitchell Elementary School PTO.

Tikva is a Region 14 parent with children who attend Mitchell Elementary School. As a special educator, she is aware of the ever evolving needs of our student population. She participates as a teacher, helping her students, and a parent, helping her own children, during this time of distance learning.

Her background in economics and finance will be helpful when planning the school budget, financial goal-setting and the annual audit.

Tikva brings listening skills, love of learning, expertise and a commitment to our children and community as a member of the Region 14 Board of Education.


Barbara Packer


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