To the Editor:

The images from Washington, D.C., this week were shocking, heartbreaking and a shameful stain on the soul of our nation. While it would be easy, and perhaps convenient, to dismiss the actions of these insurrectionists as a few extremely bad apples, the truth is more complicated and less forgivable. You cannot condemn the end results while ignoring the obvious cause.

President Trump deliberately incited the crowds with his unfounded allegations of fraud and baseless promises of eventual victory. Urged on by the figure whom they most revere, his supporters turned toxic rhetoric into action and the United States Capitol was breached.

As the devastation reigned, the president did nothing as his supporters engaged in deadly acts of violence, wanton destruction and desecration.

We must approach this juncture with a sense of duty. Our institutions have been shaken, perhaps permanently so. The time has come for all decent Americans to stand up and proclaim with one voice “enough is enough.”

This has long stopped being about partisan politics or political disagreements. Right now, this is about holding a dangerous demagogue responsible for his words and deeds and setting the precedent that this is never unacceptable and not who we are as a nation.

Silence is complicity and a house divided against itself cannot stand. The president betrayed his oath of office and We the People have no choice but to hold him accountable for the sake of the past, present and future of this country that we love.

The president must answer for what he has done, and his erratic behavior and unpredictable mental state continue to place our country at risk.

The Southbury Democratic Town Committee joins the call for Articles of Impeachment against President Donald J. Trump and supports his immediate removal from office.

Michael Carrington, chair

Democratic Town Committee


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