To the Editor:

When I became eligible to vote, my dad escorted me to the town office building to register. He considered this a tremendous rite of passage and a duty as a United States citizen.

When I was in college out of state, I applied for an absentee ballot and submitted that by Election Day. On election nights, my family often congregated in the Old Town Hall to hear the results. There was always a sense of excitement waiting to hear who had won. I never questioned the results.

Now I do.

Why are we voting months ahead of Election Day? Americans began the custom of voting on the first Tuesday of the month following the first Monday in 1845. If those currently in charge knew their history, they would know that having early voting was tried before and was a failure.

Why are mail-in ballots necessary? Mail-in ballots and extended voting times have only added opportunities for corruption. If you cannot make it to the polls on Election Day, then apply for an absentee ballot. Simple.


Maureen E. McLaughlin, Ph.D.


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