To the Editor:

The Connecticut General Assembly recently extended the use of Covid-19 as a reason for voting absentee through the November 2, 2021, municipal election. This is wonderful news for Connecticut voters.

During the June two-day special session, legislators passed Senate Bill (58)1202. The bill is very comprehensive legislation that addresses a wide range of issues, including numerous voter-friendly election reforms. Many voters will be pleased that the legislation not only allows all of us the option of voting absentee in November, but “makes permanent the use of drop boxes for returning absentee ballots.” The drop boxes were a big hit with Connecticut voters in the 2020 election; they were convenient and secure.

You can apply for an absentee ballot now even though the municipal election on November 2 is several months away. The updated absentee ballot application form is available online at The absentee ballots will be in town clerk offices on October 1.

Ensuring all eligible voters have access to the ballot is crucial to our representative government which is the bedrock of our way of life. We live in a state whose legislature is striving to reform its restrictive voting laws so as to enfranchise more people. Many U.S. states are heading in the opposite direction in an attempt to disenfranchise certain voters.

Electing people who strive to unite us, not divide us, is critical. Electing problem solvers, not culture warriors, is imperative. Electing people who are truthful and not perpetuating propaganda is key at all levels of government.

If you are eligible to vote, I hope you will make it a priority to vote in the November 2 municipal election. Whether you vote at the polls or cast an absentee ballot, please vote.

Mary Doherty


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